June 15, 2011

Nothing can stand against His will

So ever since April, I have been planning to leave on June 20th for summer tour. As the date gets closer, Satan strikes harder and harder in attempt to keep me here. Monday I went to register at Concordia. Originally, we thought that I would only have to pay a thousand for a semester but it turned out it was closer to eight thousand. At that point, I was faced with a decision as to whether I was going to bite the bullet and pay eight thousand dollars to get pre-reqs or if I was going to attend a community college for free and get money back for financial aid. Finally, I decided to go to HFCC, transfer to a community college in Dallas as of spring semester, get my associates there, and then go to either DBU or SAGU for my B.A. and Masters in Psych. The problem with all of this was that I literally had less than a week to take my placement tests and enroll, and the office of admissions said they had no idea when they could get me in. I had been praying about this all day yesterday, for God’s will to be done and apparent to me. Today, I went to take my placement test and afterwards, I was told that they had one availability for me to meet with a counselor. After meeting with her, I was able to enroll and plan my schedule! Thank you Jesus for allowing it all to work out. Now, Satan is attacking me through my health. I woke up today with swollen glands and a sore throat and a dreadful cough. Please pray for healing as I set off on this beautiful journey in four short days! 

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