June 22, 2011

Stephanie has left the state!

That is right, I am officially in Ohio with the gang! It was a long (4.5 hour) drive to get here, but I am here and with my team of beautiful brothers and sisters. Tonight a few of the members made dinner for us (very appreciated!) and everything remained pretty chill. There was a sudden thunderstorm and as I sat outside watching the lightening, I thanked God for bringing me here. I know this is where I am supposed to be right now.

Tomorrow we will be working Alive Fest and I will have much more to update you on!

Prayer requests:

Thanks everyone!!

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July 11, 2011

It has been quite some time since my last update. Alive festival went really well, other than puking, and being rained on, and all of that good stuff.

From Alive, we went to Creation East which was located in Pennsylvania. I have to say that this was our biggest festival, especially considering the fact that we had SIX BOOTHS which is a lot in case you were wondering. Creation festival was really cool because we had a lot of traffic which lead to a ton of opportunities to pray with people and get to know them. Also, Bryan came in from Haiti which was a blessing because he is a great addition and is always encouraging. David also drove the stork bus up from Dallas, Texas and it was cool to watch him interact with people, raising awareness for Save the Storks. It was also cool to work with him and challenge kids to collect spare change and donate. All in all creation was really cool! The last night I got to pray with a woman named Susie whose son is really struggling with a bad porn addiction, and it has lead him to even distribute porn through social networking sites. It was great to talk to her and pray over her. After creation, we went to this awesome dam and slid down it. At first I could not even jump into the lake because I was too afraid but then I remembered a big reason I wanted to come on this tour: to be taken out of my comfort zone and to be fearless to adventure. Man am I glad that I went down the dam, especially since I went with the lovely Torie!!

From Creation we headed to Life fest in Wisconsin. Life fest was a cool festival not only because as vendors we got to be in the air conditioning, but also because Save The Storks was really popular there and the word spread like wild fire! Also, I got to see my lovely friend from home, Andrew A and I shot photography for a band called loftland!

My new buddy Tanner. Hopefully recording some cello with him.

Now we are in South Dakota preparing for our next festival. This week we will be rock climbing as a team and just getting some blogs written and other work done.

Prayer requests:

I am learning a lot from ephesians 4:29 this week.

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